3 New Techniques For Effective Waste Management

Uncontrolled generation of trash poses serious threats to the environment. It is estimated that humans generate 2.01 billion metric tonnes of waste is annually. And only a small portion of this waste is composted and recycled. This huge amounts of trash will contaminate food, water and air, if it is not handled properly. As the world population increases, junk removal and disposal techniques have to be upgraded in order to make the entire process eco-friendly.

Here are some new technologies used by Junk Removal Orange County and companies across the world to revolutionize the process of junk collection, recycling and disposal.

  • Pneumatic Tube Systems

In future, you may not see garbage dumps on the streets. The use of pneumatic tube systems allows junk removal companies to collect waste from a series of pneumatic tubes placed underground. You can simply throw the trash into the chutes, which are connected to the pneumatic tubes, which carry the junk directly to the processing facilities. The system is already deployed in some cities across the world. Pneumatic tube systems is efficient tool for waste collection as it streamlines the entire process and saves fuel.

  • Pay-As-You-Throw Schemes

With the use of new technologies such as RFID, some governments are devising Pay-as-you-throw programs in order to sensitize people. Under these programs, customers are charged according to the amount of trash they throw out. These schemes incentivize the customers to recycle waste and reduce the amount of waste they throw out.

  • Dredging

Dredging is a process that helps to clean the water bodies. Earlier all the garbage was dumped into the rivers and seas. This practice led to the accumulation of lot of waste in river beds and sea beds. Dredging is performed using a machine called dredge, which is like a vacuum cleaner. It creates vacuum and sucks the trash and debris from the river bed or bottom of water bodies like lakes and ponds. Dredging helps to clean the water bodies and return them to their original unpolluted state.

Landfills across the world are overflowing and polluting the environment. We can find patches of garbage in the middle of the oceans and litter across the streets. Companies that indulge in Junk removal Orange County and across the world should upgrade their methods of junk collection and recycling to efficiently manage waste and protect the environment.