3 Excellent Reasons To Buy Wholesale Orchid Plants

Like any other products found in the market, you could have more advantages if you are going to choose wholesale products. If you love orchids or you need a lot of orchids for your trade, buy wholesale orchid plants especially when you need to decorate a large venue or you want to resell orchids as your business. Buying wholesale will stretch your money’s worth. Here are some of the advantages of buying wholesale orchids.

Lower shipping expenses

Regardless if you are buying orchids from abroad or within Thailand, you will surely save money if you are going to buy in bulk and have the orchids delivered to you instead of buying a few pieces and have them shipped to you in separate occasions. Choose a courier or shipper that has the expertise to handle live plants. Aside from that, buy from a seller of wholesale orchid plants that has a reputation of handling and packing orchids expertly that they can guarantee that you will receive the orchids in excellent state. Make sure to repot the orchids the moment you receive them because they were repotted by the orchid grower to allow the orchids to survive during the stressful process of shipping and delivery. The orchid grower placed the orchids in temporary water-retaining pots with shipping mixture to ensure that the orchids will remain hydrated while being shipped.

Cheaper in price

One advantage of buying wholesale from an orchid grower,is you can negotiate for the price or ask for discount. Avoid orchids that are proactively offered at discount price because the quality might be compromised. Instead, purchase in bulk and ask for discount from the total amount. You can opt for bargain orchids if you are buying them direct from the grower and you will use the orchids right away.

Resell the orchids

Another notable advantage of buying wholesale orchid plants is you can resell them to others. You can start with your friends or neighbours and if it clicks, you might want to consider an orchid selling business in your area. Choose a reputable orchid grower to buy from for guaranteed results.