3 Advantages Of Buying OEM Car Parts

If you want high quality auto parts without spending your bank savings, you can take a look at other car parts alternatives at TDot Performance, aside from genuine parts. Although nothing beats genuine auto parts, OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the closest version of the original product. OEM products are the exact replica of auto parts but they come cheaper as they are not original car parts but they are built by other companies with the authorization of the original manufacturing company. Thus, they become cheaper but their quality remains optimum as they are made exactly for the same purpose and materials of the original car part. Here are some of the other benefits of OEM products.


If your car or auto is under warranty, chances are, the manufacturing company only allows the use of OEM products for all maintenance and repair services. Thus, if you use aftermarket products, used or refurbished car parts, you may lose your warranty which results for you to spend money when you can still make use of the warranty. Manufacturing companies also discourage car owners to use aftermarket parts when the car is still under warranty. Using aftermarket parts may cause damage to cars in the long run.

Guaranteed quality

By using OEM car parts from TDot Performance or from your preferred supplier, you are given that guarantee that the car part went through quality assurance process and strict industry testing before it was made available in the market. OEM car parts cannot be used on new vehicles without passing Quality Assurance and manufacturer testing.   When you use original or OEM car parts, you can be sure that the car part will fit properly and will aid in your car’s optimum performance.

Easy to replace

Lastly, by using OEM car parts from TDot Performance or other reliable supplier means the part can be properly utilized as it will fit into your car’s system properly. A lot of aftermarket products are designed to fit different types of ca models as they are mass produced, resulting to ill-fitting parts that may require tweaking your engine or your car’s system. Only use quality OEM to keep your warranty.